History of FWF

Faithful Widows Foundation started in February 2004 in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. At that time, I was pastoring a church with my husband in Port-Harcourt city. We had just about four (4) widows in our church. The spirit of God spoke expressly to me in the following words:-

“There are a set of people that are neglected by the church, individuals and society at large” And I asked “who are they Lord?” And He said to me “The widows. Gather them together and tell them I love and care about them” 

I called the widows in my church and shared the revelation with them and told them that we will start a fellowship for widows once every month. So we started in February 2004 with eight (8) widows in attendance. At that meeting, I didn’t have much but I shared some bars of soap for them. The next meeting in March, they were twenty four (24) widows and then in April we printed hand bills and organized a meeting for the widows where three hundred and fifty widows attended. 

We held our first convention in December 2004 in Port-Harcourt. We continued to reach out to communities around Port-Harcourt and ministering the love of God to the widows and demonstrating that love by physically handing them whatever we are able to get, especially through donations by well-meaning people. However in 2005, the Lord began to impress it in my heart strongly, the need to come to Ogoja, Cross River State to hold the program for a widows.

In December 2005, the first widows program in Cross River State was held at Timmy Time Hotel in Okuku, Yala Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. With about ninety(90) widows in attendance. We shared Rice, Maggi, Salt etc. to the widows.

From there we were called to several communities by the widows. A widow will say please I like what you are doing, can you come to my community, there are so many widows there. That is how we went to Nkpakna, Bansara, Mfiima, Wanokom Wanikade, Wanihem, Igebe, Ububa-Ukum, Ebegang, Obanliku, Obudu, Yahe,Ekumtak, Oboso, Abakpa to mention a few. We ply these bad roads more or less a death traps especially the Ogoja – Abakaliki road before it was tarred. Sitting hours on the bike falling and rising on slippery road, under the rain and under the sun, just to go reach the widows and minister to them, because I love God and God made me know it is important to Him.

I remember on one occasion during one of the trips a bikeman who was carrying me on the bike asked me “Madam where is the headquarters of this your work, I hope they know all you are passing through to do this work? At this time it was about 10pm we went to Ijiegu-Yache in Yala Local Government Area, Cross River State for a widows program. As soon as we finished, it started raining and refused to stop so we had to get into the rain and started going. The bad road coupled with the rain made the road slippery, so we fell into water severally, that was what necessitated that question.

We hold convention once every year and the widows come from all the communities to camp for three to five days of the program. We minister the word of God to them and encourage them. We pray for them and share whatever we are able to get for them to go home with. We gather between three hundred to seven hundred widows annually. In 2008, faithful Widows Foundation was registered with the Corporate Affairs.