We advocate for the rights of widows and orphans with the aim to reduce the socio-economic and cultural barriers that they face. 

Economic Empowerment

Strengthening Widows and Orphans through household economic activities and empowerment works in order to improve their livelihood and increase their financial resilience.


Provide educational support schemes that aims to empower Widows and orphans and vulnerable households. These included:

• Vocational Education programmes, entrepreneurship, mentorship, vocational skill development..

• Formal Education,  under which children from vulnerable households receives scholarship to enable them attend school.


Making high quality health care accessible to Widows and Orphans through health education programmes, not only HIV/Aids but nutrition and sanitation, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education.

Capacity Building 

Capacity building by seeking to improve technical capacity of community-based organisations as well as systems and structures at community and Local Government levels with the aim to quality care for Widows and Orphans.


Faithful Widows Foundation integrate gender into design, implementation, and evaluation of all its project to improve outcomes and increase equality among girls, boys, women and men. FWF gender-sensitive programming include effective gender intervention strategies that transform unequal norms and behaviour, empower women, widows, girls, and engage men and boys at the community as partners and agents of progressive norms and behaviours that leads to social change.