Our Vision 

To educate, empower through skills acquisition, defend, provide succor and advance the interest of widows through educational, emotional, psychological, medical and financial assistance.

Our Mission

 To curtail abuse, deprivation, fight for the right of the widows.

 To provide charitable help to widows.

 To assist widows to live a fruitful life.

 To protect and defend the course of widows.

 To sustainable empower widows.

 To enable widows know and serve God faithfully.

 Core Values

 To ensure every widows is given a fair hearing.

 To render complete protection and invaluable security to the widows.

 To render uncompromising support to the widows and their off-springs.

 To remain stead fasted in promoting the general wellbeing of the widows.

Our Team

Justices to thee Widows (Deut. 27:19)

Is our motto!